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looking at the images of art about the greek cavalry, I always wondered how, with the stargazer head position, they got their horses so very collected. Then a while ago someone on here posted some videos of a group in India who where retraining racehorses supposedly as Xenophon had trained. After a few days of training they changed the position of the saddle so to free up the shoulders but the back of it in turn sat on the horse's lumbar area. They then proceeded to go through the exercises. You could see the horse was immediately in pain, head high, ears back, legs strung out. At first the movement was awkward and some what reminiscent of the TWH gate. Then after a few days the horse moved with it's legs up underneath itself, its back rounded away from the saddle and the forhand seemed very light. The head was still high but the rest of the horse seemed very collected. It reminded me of wearing a heavy backpack with out a frame. if you keep your back straight after a while it feels like someone is poking you in the kidney or something. But if you round slightly it is much more bearable. I don't think that putting a horse through that discomfort is good, I just think that it's reaction is really interesting. If you look at some of the old art the horses seem very compackt and the riders seem to sit on the whole of the back with the bulk of the weight sitting on the horse's lumbar space.

"Let the horse be a horse and act accordingly..." -Klaus Balkenhol

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