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Sitting with the horses
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Author:  Colinde~ [ Fri Jul 09, 2010 2:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Sitting with the horses

I have decided to start sitting out with our 'herd" more for my relaxation and building a relationship hopefully with Diego in the process. I love to take pictures, so when I went out there last week I took the camera and just got shots of everything while the horses grazed. :green: It was fun.

Herd info:
Amigo= dark, herd leader/alpha
Sonny=palomino, somewhere in the middle
Levi= QH/Arab colt about 1.5 years old, adorable and loves everyone
Diego=red dun, also mine

(Edit: photo posting is not working properly for me so they are linked)

First I watched Diego walk off, while I sat myself under an oak tree. ... directlink

Then Levi took note of me sitting. "Oooooh! Must go check out..." ... directlink

Diego made his way back down the hill after noticing the herd was staying in one place. ... directlink

Meanwhile levi made it hard to get shots of Diego.... ... directlink

He's very curious...obviously :roll: ... directlink

D standing all funky... the pink dots are ointment on his cuts. ... directlink

Amigo is now curious, even though he mostly stays away from people. ... directlink

They were confused & curious about my precense. ;) ... directlink

Levi played with various objects under the oak, since I wouldn't let him chew on me... ... directlink

Diego standing funny again... the herd starts to group up. ... directlink

Except for Levi who wants to give me a beautiful shot of his tail ;) ... directlink

And that's all for now :)

Author:  Josepha [ Fri Jul 09, 2010 2:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sitting with the horses

lovely bunch :)

you won't let him chew on you :huh: ? how strange :green:

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