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New to forum and would love to discuss longlining bitless!
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Author:  EquinePresence [ Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:36 pm ]
Post subject:  New to forum and would love to discuss longlining bitless!

Hello all - Thanks for having me! I have an older TB and a Mustang mare - I have not figured out how to attach a picture here.
I did search posts first and found some interesting ones! But I'd love to hear from anyone who has experience in long lining from a cavesson or side pull. I have a 6 year old Mustang mare, recently gentled by me. She is ready for work but not strong yet, so I want to do in hand and long lining with poles, teach some lateral movements, etc. so she is stronger when I begin to ride.
She is so sensitive that I prefer to continue bitless, at least for now. I"ve ridden her a few times in a sidepull, but its not a bridle, and can shift. She's been through ground driving and lunging.
I want to be sure I have a good progressive method, to get the most out of the gymnastics of this. I look at lunge cavessons and am not sold on using the side rings of these for long lining. They are centered very close to either side of the center nose ring. I can see the snap from the lines jiggling on her nose, and god forbid if one of those heavey cavessons where the rings really protrude, would not be nice either. Looking for a side pull I guess, but with a little control. I just bought a used Micklem Multibridle, but am also not sold on the side rings used for bitless or long lining., they are attached by a thin leather pc to the nose band, it will be a wierd angle, but its something and could really help me when (if) I convert to a bit if I want to show her dressage.

Any thoughts are welcome!

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