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4. Haute Ecole exercises + movie!
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Author:  admin [ Sun Sep 14, 2008 10:28 pm ]
Post subject:  4. Haute Ecole exercises + movie!

Haute Ecole movements

See the AND movie on YouTube for the real-life version: ;)

The haute ecole exercises (airs) can be devided into two groups:

1: The half airs
In these exercises the horse is still on the ground with one pair of his feet, as opposed to the full airs above the ground in which the horse lets go of the earth for a moment.

The half airs are:
- Levade
- Pesade
- Terre a terre
- Mezair
- Standing capriole
- (Pirouette according to De la Gueriniere)

2: The airs above the ground
Movements in which the horse (almost) totally jumps off the ground.

The airs above the ground are:
- Courbette
- Laufcourbette
- Croupade
- Balotade
- Capriole
- Spanish jump

Author:  marleen [ Mon Sep 15, 2008 7:40 am ]
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Well, I already mentioned how wonderful the videos are :lol:

I was wondering..... Miriam, when Blacky or Sjors rears, your bodylanguage is so beautyful! You rear yourself, realy bending your own legs and shifting wait backwards.
I was wondering how and when that became a signal your ponies. Dis they understand your posture right away, and mimicked it? Or was there a proces before the understood?

Not that I am thinking of teaching rears yet, but I am curious!

Author:  admin [ Mon Sep 15, 2008 12:53 pm ]
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Well, it was more something that felt right for me to do when I would ask them to mimick me. So in order to ask them to collect or invite them to mimick my collection, I start walking/standing collected myself.

Blacky really copied that in his rear, which used to my high, fast and flung up by flinging his head back. Collecting myself really slowed him down and made his rear come from behind instead of from headbanging. 8)

By the way, something that's really interesting, is that I was dying with muscle aches in my shins and lower legs for two weeks when I started collecting myself during training sessions! :shock:
Especially when doing the piaffe like that, whew! So collecting yourself really is something heavy physically. Good that this way I discovered that myself too. 8)

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