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 Post subject: Spot
PostPosted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:20 pm 
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I start with a small trainings diary for Spot, my sister her dog.
Spot is the sister of Spikkel.

For people who like it Ksenia is the horse of my sister, if you see that things come back by the two let me know so I can help my sister....

Spot is a scared, uncertain dog.
I even use my impression of Spikkel to see difference.

Spot and Spikkel (this picture is of one year ago, Spot and Spikkel don't live anymore together, there they fight to much and hard)
I hope to show fast a picture of now...


I made a walk with her and in the first place I tryed to see and feel how she does and feel.

She is scared for all around us but has the feeling that she has to look out for a posible danger.
She only focust on the space around us...

Her body is really stressed, her back comes mostly up.
She can't let her body free...

When you call her to come and you want to give her attantion that she is brave.
She comes up and does her for legs strong around you arm.
She realy hang on you, each moment she see a chance, she jumps and try to take you.
It is like a scared puppy...

She never run free, out of her own.
If you tell her to run, she run for 2 or 3 meters and stand than there, what do I have to do, like she lost all.

So I start with teaching her smal things, to jump on a block, to stay and come back.
She did like it so much...

I think she need more to learn small things and get regard for it.
Than she will be a more open and free dog.

Even by the walk has we to be more clear, we will look around, she doesn't has to walk first.
I teach that a realy easy way but it take much time.

If she walk to far, I stop but don't block the line, I give more so long they stay going (that way I even like to use a retractable line in the begin).
If they stop you wait to the dog comes back and reward him or her.
If you wait and they don't come back then you turn and walk the other way.
But have attantion that you don't give to much pressure.

The only problem I find out by Spikkel was that she did listen realy well to low signals of the line. But, that I had to correct her much. And when she was free she had more attention for me. It did look lik she tought, if i'm on line you will tell me...


 Post subject: Re: Spot
PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:09 pm 
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This evening came my sister home with Spot, Spot was shaking over all her body....
We think she eat poison ...

They are all for one hour away to the vet, I don't know if she has any chance, but if you do nothing than she sure hasn't...
But now, I'm more sure that Birie died of poison, the place were I did find her, she had moved much with her legs and ther was foam on her mouth...


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