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“Glyphosate Poisoning Syndrome” in Cattle (bovine) and HORSES

Botulism by plant poison?

The first-publication was originally placed in the scientific magazine
SPACE & TIME, issue 202, July 2016, available in German language at: ... ngift.html

Despite immense use of lobbyists is always known, that the masses of used plant killer glyphosate inflicts lasting damage to humans, animals and the environment. Alarmingly here include research on cattle and horses that show a connection between the dreaded disease botulism and glyphosate. Can Bioresonance help to recognize and compensate for glyphosate loadings early?

By Volker Gross, Oberreidenbach (Germany)

For over 20 years, many dairy farms are disturbing haunted by a creeping disease, chronic botulism. It has been demonstrated on more than one thousand companies in Germany already 1996th [i] to the symptoms are more noticeable performance degradation, unstable and troubled drinking behavior, prolonged salivation, rumen paralysis, abdominal displacements and non-healing wounds. [ii]
The trigger of the disease the bacterium Clostridium botulinum is considered. This bacterium feels in rotting flesh and decaying plant matter well. It is a Anaerobiker, that is, it is active only under anaerobic, which is why it plays an important role in the decomposition of dead organic materials in nature. Cattle are accustomed to this bacterium, for several years but they can no longer be sufficiently put to it to defend. What's behind it?

Plant poison glyphosate
As a main reason for the zoologist Prof. Dr. Sievert Lorenzen sees the proliferation of plant destruction agent glyphosate. Since 1974, the chemical company Monsanto marketed this poison under the brand name RoundUp in over 130 countries. Almost one million tonnes are consumed thereof present per year. In the plant, the poison blocked vital metabolic processes, so that these dies. According to Lorenzen glyphosate can disrupt the metabolism massively but also in animals and humans. First step on deficiencies. With permanent supply the detoxification organs kidney and liver are damaged and thereby finally charged the remaining organs and structures increased.
Various studies have shown that glyphosate can have the following effects in humans: death of tissue, nerve damage, favoring various cancers and genetic damage. There is also evidence that it may interfere with the development of brain, spinal cord and skeleton in the fetus. [iii]
In cattle, it was observed that the intestinal flora damaged and digestion is disturbed in the rumen, dies tissue on the ears, the fertility decline, stillbirths occur more frequently, etc.

Bacterial Toxin
Glyphosate alone is a massive attack on health. But then comes yet the bacterium Clostridium botulinum added, it is really dangerous for the already weakened organism. The bacterium forms a neurotoxin, botulinum toxin (BoNT), which is extremely toxic. In humans, it can cause headaches and paralysis, among other things, lead to the organ muscles. In animals, only become apparent after about three years digestive problems that progress continues to be increasingly accompanied by other symptoms and can cause death.
In the acute form of the botulism BoNT is taken by tainted food, for example, by silage, ie feed, which has been preserved by lactic fermentation. In the chronic form of the BoNT is formed in the entire intestinal tract.

Error in agriculture
Prof. Lorenzen referred to this disease complex in cattle "glyphosate poisoning syndrome". He leaves no doubt that his view glyphosate plays the main role in the formation. "Confirmed is that glyphosate, the intestinal flora, and thus an important opponent to C. botulinum damaged, so that C. botulinum may proliferate relatively unhindered in the gut." [iv] glyphosate take the animals on imported soybean plants. These usually come from the Monsanto gene switch Miede and were specially engineered in their genetic that they are not adding a massive application of glyphosate. But even in Germany get fodder plant poison massively. It covers not only the fields before sowing, but Monsanto recommended that farmers also an application in the form of desiccation, which takes place two weeks before the harvest.
Thus Monsanto does not come into conflict with the limits, the European Commission increased in 2012, the MRLs for glyphosate by a factor of 100!

Glyphosate in horses
Botulism is rarely diagnosed in horses. They are, however, loaded with glyphosate. This became clear again and again in my work in the field of alternative-healing. For diagnosis and therapy I use the subtle "Bipolar-Bioresonance Test (BBT) after Melischko. This subtle method allows a comprehensive analysis of organs and organ systems and shows, among other stresses caused by pathogens, also toxins, virae, bacteriea and electromagnetic influences. Since I have experienced the testing with the BBT always be very effective and helpful, I wanted to explore with this method, the Glyphosat-Loads in horses on a larger scale. I started in May 2015 and have since performed at about 180 horses analyzes on blood samples. The analized horse-patients were regularly presented in my practice for reasons of very different pathologies in the field of chronic infections. A specific selection of the blood samples for the analyses was not carried out, the BBT was generally performed on all horses.
The determined number of horses loaded with glyphosate at the initial stage of this internal study initially was about 80 percent, but increased by refining the test method in the course of well over 90 percent of the analyzed horses.

Testing and treatment with bio-resonance
The horses-patients-glyphosate-load predominantly is found in the mesenchyme (connective tissue) and in the intestine with some very high values. Furthermore resulted in the test series of the still ongoing study, that causalities between glyphosate, botulinum and fungi exist. The exploration of possible causal chains revealed as an energetic effect of glyphosate on the biological function cycles, a "central, chronic, hidden allergie" with autoaggression on the immune system. It also appeared that a Glyphosat-load increased the ability to resonate much higher with geopathogenic radiation from mobile phones, radar frequencies and particular HAARP/ ELF radiation.
In plain language this means in terms of energy roughly expressed, that the biology of the body behaves by the (energy) glyphosate loads among others, as a "hidden" allergy and thereby more or less is damaging himself insidiously by autoaggression. The increased susceptibility to the aforementioned types of radiation could also act as a kind of accelerator of the whole. The triggering factor would be a kind of "neural stress response" with hardly predictable individual impact by these nowadays almost universally existing types of radiation in conjunction with glyphosate.

The Bipolar-Bioresonance-Test also provides the ability to bring the body back into a healthy balance. It indicates which oscillations , for example in the form of homeopathic remedies, are needed for compensation. These can simply be added to the regular feeding by individually or generally manufactured feed-supplement for horses. Usually it is advisable to carry out the action over several weeks, so the loads can then be neutralized gradually. The progress will be regularly monitored by BBT and adjusted if necessary.

Based on the positive experiences with the BBT on horses, this method also would seem to me very valuable on cows - to apply with or without botulism symptoms.
Here I am still looking for-cooperative farmers.

Bipolar-Bioresonance Test (BBT)

It was researched and developed by Willibald Melischko, born1931,
a (now retired) dentist. In about 40 years of dental practice, by the electro-acupuncture (EAV) and in collaboration with its founder Dr. Voll, he won increasing experience in the electromagnetic (energy) relations between health, illness, measurability and treatment options. Based on these researches, he created the so called BBT-(system) which may be used for problem analysis and energetic treatment as well.

The subtle analysis refers not only to the individual institutions, but on the totality of organs and organ systems. They recognized, among other things
The organ-test-circuit includes all organs and organ systems:
- Pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungi
- Geopathic stress (radiation)
- Electromagnetic-fields, radioactivity
- Environmental toxins, metals
- Weather and athomspheric influences
- Disturbances in the acid - base balance
- Exposure to hediterial toxines, drugs, scarfs etc.
Also valuable is the analysis of possible acute, chronical or
subclinical disorders.
Very valuable is among other things the differentiation of acute, chronic and sub-clinical disorders.

The BBT is based on more than 40 years of practical experience and research results. This method is comprehensible and applicable for Veterinaries and Naturopathic Healers as well . With its extensive analysis capabilities and an effective, side-effect free and holistic treatment of this inexpensive method it point for me into the future.

For details about the training and practice please contact the author.

[i] Sievert Lorenzen: neurotoxin for cattle. Chronic botulism and he use of glyphosate - a textbook example of political deficiencies ". In: "The Critical Agricultural Report 2013," p 227
[ii] Gerlach, A. (2010): "Only the 'sleazy establishments' sick? Experience of a practitioner for practitioners in terms of 'unconventional diseases'. In: Agricultural and Veterinary Academy (2010): ". Chronic botulism" Summary of veterinarians meeting from September 30 to October 1, 2010
[iii] Sievert Lorenzen, so, S., S. 229
[iv] Sievert Lorenzen, so, p 229


Volker Gross:
In private practice since around 2001
Veterinary: Commissioned for international BBT-Training
Training and practical work as : Naturopathic-Practioner , Accupunctural Therapist for horses
Human : Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) , Matrix-ReImprinting-Practioner, SILVA Mind-Advanced ,
Consultant Addiction Prevention (German Armed Forces)

Praxis für energetische Verfahren (human / veterinär) / Institute for Energetic Treatment (human / veterinary )
Inhaber / Founder : Volker Gross
Anschrift / Address : Auf der Acht 5, 55758 Oberreidenbach GERMANY

Tierheilpraktiker / Alternative Veterinary Healing Practitioner
Anerkannter Heiler im Dachverband Geistiges Heilen (DGH) / Accredited Healer in German Roof Organisation for Mental Healing (DGH)
Phone : +49 6788 8932222
Fax : +49 6788 8932221
mobile : +49 152 33741837
Mail :

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