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PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 12:23 pm 
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hmm, my title might be a bit cryptical, if anyone has any suggestions... I'm all ears :P

The thing is... Ruphina is quite a difficult mare, has been not socialized till she was about 6 and had a hard time adjusting to being an actual horse, right now she is getting it quite well, she functions in the herd as a typical mare as some might say. Always angry looking pushing and making sure she gets to the food (hasn't had enough to eat when she was younger I've heard and that is still working on her mind quite badly).

But there is one specific sort of horse that she hates... she is quite a racist you might say, she hates fjordic horses (nor sure what the name of the sort is... from norwegian if I'm not mistaken.). I'm sure it's not me (I like any sort of horse and have no problem with fjordic horses as well), and the owner has no real problem nor a real affection for the horses but I'm doubting it could be that... Maybe she got it from her owner (shared feelings or something?) but they're not what you could call 'bonding'.

Could a horse have a real dislike one specific breed of horses? Because it's clear... she hates all fjordic horses, and she will always try to scare them away even without any good reason and leave other horses standing around the fjordic one be...

I thought maybe someone here knows anything about it?

Thank you so much!

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 3:23 pm 
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I don't know about racism amongst animals.

I have some questions first:
How many fjords did you encounter this with? 2, 5, 30?
Does she know these fjords or are they strangers to her?
Did you ever encounter her acting the same way against any non-fjord horse?

For now I can only give you an example that might be somewhat like this:

My mother's dog, Roxy was attacked by a shepherd when she was a baby. Since then she is frantic about them. Of course her behaviour against shepherds makes her fear come true every time.
As Gina is a crossbreed german/belgian shepherd it is almost impossible to have holidays together as we do not want to leave Gina and my mother does not want to leave Roxy.
They just can't be together while they are perfect with any other dog. (In Roxy's case, except shepherds of course.)

In case of the horses;
I have also noticed that for company and friendship horses often (but not always) seek out their own breed. Don Jamie is most of the time intrigued and prone to befriend any Hiberico that comes to our grounds, male or female.
Next to that he interacts happilly with all baroque breeds, quarter horses and arabes.
The same goes for the kinsky boys. Both he and the kinsky's seem to have no interest in warm blood horses. They act as though they are air!
Even the women... in heat! :ieks: :funny: (Imagine their reactions... :funny: sorry gal, they go for the Rubinesque small ones... best gain some weight and make yourself small, maybe crawl somewhat... and grow more mane... :yes: )
The same goes for large draught horses, simply does not interest them.

I also have the idea that stallions seem to like mares most with the same colour as their mother.

More I can't tell you... maybe the others have some experiences to share?


PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 3:35 pm 
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Thank you Josepha, some questions I didn't answer right away!

Up till now, all the Fjords we encountered are considered to be killed or at least chased away I have never seen with a Fjord being friendly or just respectful. We have now 5 fjords at the stable and when I was in Drenthe this summer there were a couple there as well which she hated. Even when we're on an outdoor ride... when we pass horses she usually only puts on an angry face (last minute) but Fjords I really have to steer around them and tell her she is not allowed to kick and bite them.
So that includes known and unknown Fjords, usually she is quite into new horses 'takes them in protection' for the first few days (protection seems to be a wrong word, it's almost as if she keeping them only for herself and nobody else...) but with Fjords she would like to see them on the other side of the forest. No way they can pass her without being chased anyway.

She is quite aggressive towards horses anyway, but usually she chases them out of her personal space and that's it, with Fjords she keeps running after them, as if her personal space is way bigger when it comes to Fjords instead of when it is any other sort of horse.

We do have all these different breeds in groups of friends as well, so I am not that surprised she is not befriended with them, but she has a way new level of aggression when it comes to fjords they have to stay way more out of her space in general.

Thanks :)

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2014 8:18 am 

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It's probably due to a bad experience with one of them as was said before... I now of some cases of 'racism' between horses, in the case of breeding stallions, like for example some haflinger stallions who have always been bread to haflinger mares (always the same color) will refuse other breeds/colored mares... ;-)

PostPosted: Sat Mar 29, 2014 6:38 am 

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My main horse "Pimp" my arabian gelding, well he is actually really horrible to ponies! I no longer allow him into the paddock with them as he wants to pick them up by their necks!

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