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PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2009 1:08 pm 

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cool topic,

i had a bond with one of my horses even before she was born.
The morning she got born I had a clear dream.
I dreamt I was sleeping in the kantin of the stables(as i was)
i woke up because the owner of the stable opent the door of the barn.
I told myself to listen because if he would stop too long at my mares stable she would have a foal.
He did. He stopped and later came up the stairs to the cantin asking ¨do you know you have a foal?¨
I jumped out and run down stairs. there in the stables I saw a beautiful chestnut foal with with back leggs and a with stripe on her head and I saw it was a mare.
At this point I really woke up as the owner of the stable came in. I thought the same thing. Listen to see if he stops and so he did. Ofcours I was out of bed before the had reached the door.
¨do you know ou have a foal¨he asked. I run down and there I saw my beauty a beautiful chestnut mare with white back legs and a white stripe on her head and then to know that all the foals of exel before where grey stallions ;)

I also had one with the brother of this foal.
" years before symphony (the foal) was born. Phoenix her brother died.
The night of goodbye was horrible. I had been with him that morning in the clinic. I did hear a noise when he lay down, which scared me, but as they said they were going to make pictures that day I left it.
They did make pictures and everything got out of place -(his leg was broken). they had to put him down.
When we arrived they had allready taking him of the drug and he had lots of pian. Just before he would get his injection to sleep I held him around his neck and he hugged me goodbye. He softly pushed me to his chest.
When he let go I saw he knew. He wasn't in panick or whateve he was calm. They gave him the shot and soon he fell down. We laid next to him. I saw the drops going in and wanted to jerk them out and put them in me so I could o with him.
Years later I realiezed he wanted to tell me it was fine. He would return. We gave him one of these budistic braslets and I think he came back through Sym :)



without the bad, good would not exist

PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2009 7:32 pm 

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To dig up an old thread, my sister relayed a story about her horse, an arabian gelding named Lima Zardahn (zardahn for short). They had a strong bond, he was a fiery little guy, smart, and loved to play games and run. He developed a habit of going into colic. As he got older the episodes got worse and worse. One time he had to have surgery because his gut was twisted. As he was in surgery, my sister said she was standing out by the truck. He came to her in spirit while his body was sleeping and he said to her (I'm not sure if words or feeling or what), "This is great! Come with me, we can have so much fun!" My sister was absolutely taken aback, she had never felt this communication from him before, but she had to answer: she said, "Zardahn, I can't come with you now. It's not my time to leave this earth. You need to go back in there and pull that body back through this surgery and get better." Sure enough, he did. He was with her for a couple more years, but colicked again, and then came to her with so much pain. She knew that it was time to let him go so he had to be put down. He said it was okay.

I've never had such clear comm like that, but just small moments of knowing or feeling. But her story was so special to me.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2009 4:14 pm 
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My turn to dig this up and respond to it. :D

The first day I met Shatzi, as soon as I touched her I felt this overwhelming sadness. I wasn't sad that day either. I was happy to finally get to go and see her and see if she was right for me to take home from the SPCA. When I stopped touching her I was fine again. But while she was in the paddock before I took her up to try her out, I felt like I was going to cry.

After she had been tacked up that day, and I was on her, I was overly happy, happier then I had been just seeing her. I know it was her telling me she was happy to have a job to do.

I am pretty sure that days I tell her we are going to do something specific and for one reason or another it doesn't pitch right I get a bit sad about it. But I think its more then me. I think its her. I have to be a bit more careful with what I tell her we are going to do so that she isn't disappointed.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:51 am 
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Well I guess its already a tradition to dig this topic up :D

I always had a special connection to animals, let it be dogs or horses, I just know what they are telling me. how I have no idea, but I want I learnt for sure is to trust my intuition, inner voice and LISTEN to them, so I got much closer to them once I developed and learnt to trust myself.

I noticed this when I was living for half a year in Germany and I was desperately looking to be around horses. I found a stable where they held pension horses and couple of private horses. they didnt have any horses for me to ride, when the owner suddenly told me about one beautiful holstein mare. She was a 5 year purebred, and had been living with them for over a year now. People didnt know what exactly had happened to her before they got her but at one point she became dangerous to people riding her. Everytime somebody got on her to ride she would scream like crazy, rear up and fall backward. she was about to be sent off for meat when those people were kind enough to buy her as a companion to the other older horses, she was a true beauty, they called her Bonita. Now, at the time when I arrived she had been living with them for over a year and got to the point of being comfortable around the people and being touched and tacked up again (it hurts me to think what on earth could have people done with her that such a young horse became paranoid of anyone touching and riding her :ieks: ). So the offer was to try and get her to at least some riding. I never had experience with horses with psychological problems but she looked at me and I knew we could help each other, at that point I was having issues myself (it was like 8 years ago). I werent go into details of our work together but I just listened to her, we became good friends, and in 3 weeks we knew each other I not only got to ride her from walk to canter, we even hacked out! I came back to German three years later and ran to give her a visit, I was so pleased to know she was treated very well in a near by stables with little kids riding her, she adores kids! So I guess it was my first sign that I needed to trust my intuition more.

Today with my rent horse I listen to her a lot when we hack out. Lots of stupid people leave all kind of dangerous wires and things in the fields and on the road. I NEVER force viola to go when she tells me its dangerous. the same with strange fields with long grass, we had this with her, she stops and turns around and gives me this look, noooo lidia its dangerous, we are not going there. I ask her is she sure, sometimes she carries on choosing a bit of a different way but sometimes she refuses. couple of times I got off to investigate, I found a big bog covered by long grass, -I never question her since she has never let me down out hacking. :love:

Smile, and the world will smile with you.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 5:00 pm 

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My turn has come to dig up this thread.

As a child I was continually sick, I suffered with problems with my eyesight, heart and was diagnosed with a mild form of Aspergers syndrome (On the Autism Spectrum) I would often be found hiding under tables in the classroom, crying because I found it hard to make friends, or just hating being around so many children when id rather be at home with my mom, the horses and my dog at the time Shadow (who only recently passed away). My mother fought hard to make sure I went to a mainstream school and was not sent to a 'Special needs' school where I would most likely become more and more into myself and never really get anywhere, she won the fight and I was accepted.

Throughout my life I have found the world to be a hard place, and suffered a lot with my temper, being able to express myself, self harm or self loathing, due to bullying and other harsh memories that I hate to recall.
I found being at school 9-3:30 to be a very daunting experience right up until I left school, which then of course broke my routine, so I went to college, although because I had chosen to be there it didn't seem so bad, I passed with flying colours in my Studies of Animal management, veterinary science, Behaviour and various other things and left two years later with my qualification, I made plenty of friends and was well liked.

The thing that really turned my life around was the arrival of my Jack russell Hogan, in 2007 my Greyhound of 15 years passed away, I was a lost soul again, floating around aimlessly through life having nothing to look foward to, and no one to walk with when I was having one of my 'bad days' walks with Folly used to always calm me down and we would spend hour after hour hiking the countryside, watching the cattle or wandering the forest, she had an amazing effect on me and was always there for me to cuddle up to and love when I needed a shoulder to cry on without my family seeing that I was upset 'over nothing' as I had often been told.

That christmas I had a small warm parcel of a puppy called Hogan a tan and white jack russell pup who had Follys big beautiful eyes. I cried, and I cried hard, and he simply curled up around my neck and slept. Shortly after that wonderful present from my mom, I became more positive, I could once again go for long walks which of course he loved and had boundless energy.
We had a connection from that day onwards. I found that by teaching him tricks, Any old trick really it was helping me to keep my mind occupied, I once again had a responsibility being 17 at the time I became positive the temper cooled down and I have not self harmed since. To this day im still teaching him new tricks, and he will still come and sit quietly with me when im feeling low, we share an amazing bond, we understand each other better than anyone else. He always knows where I am and can always find me (we tested this by me hiding far into the forest and my friend releasing him) he knows when I want to play and when I want to be quiet and is always eager to please. I even take him out on long rides with my friends where he happily trots along with us, and keeps up at even the fastest pace. He is now three years old and he has given me the best three years anyone could have given me.

And now, at 20 years old I have Navara, a lost soul. She is just like I was, and she chose me to be her friend, her protector, and her teacher. I have been honored with two of the most amazing animals on the planet. Navara teaches me a lot about myself and is just as wild as I am mentally. She gives me something to aim for, to teach and to look after and with every small step we take I feel myself making small changes within myself, for the better. Both her and Hogan have been the best and most rewarding influences on my life. We understand each other, love each other and I always find myself excited every morning about being able to spend time with them. I wake up early (which is something because of my state of depression that I could never do before and would never normally leave my bed until gone 10 and then go back to bed as soon as the sun was on its way down to stay away from the outside world as long as posible) every morning sometimes before everyone else and I am always first one out of the gate sometimes even jogging to get up the field a little bit faster, hogan trotting just as eagerly behind.

A life without animals, is simply, no life at all!

Proud to be different!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 11:47 am 

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Hello all,
I've been absent from the forum for a long while, for various reasons. But life with horses goes on... I've been inspired by Carolyn Resnick's Waterhole Rituals & have been having a great time practising them with Hero & all the other horses.
Thought I'd share this post I made on her blog site today... I hope you enjoy the story. :smile:

Dear Carolyn & all,
I wanted to share this story because it is a testament to how much ‘connection’ I have learned through doing the WRs.
There is one horse where I have Hero agisted who was badly hurt (beaten) in his past life, so he is very skeptical of people, hard to approach & sometimes bites! I could sense his hurt, so I have made a big effort to befriend him, by letting him call the shots… it’s taken a long time & 3 bites, but we got there in the end.
He is a very powerful 15.3hh Appy x Andalusian rig, called Brandy Snap.
Anyway, today I found him with both front legs caught & tangled in a wire fence (not barbed, thank goodness!) He was frozen & trembling in fear, I don’t know how long he’d been caught there.
At first I thought I should call someone for help, but then a voice inside said “no, you can do this, just trust him, he needs you.”
So I took a deep breath & calmed myself to find my ‘centre’. Then I called his name softly, asking him if he wanted me to help him. The look in his eyes said ‘yes, please hurry, I think I might explode soon!’
Hero tried to follow me, but I asked him ‘no, not now, you stay there.’ He did.
The situation was made harder because Brandy has an abcess in one hoof at present!
I stood close, put my hands on his wither & heart zone and quietly told him what I was going to do. I could feel the ‘electricity’ coming off his body!
It took a few attempts to untangle one leg, then the other, but he lifted each foot & let me hold it while I pulled the wire away with my other hand.
I know it hurt him a lot to put all his weight on the sore foot, but he let me!
When he was free he just stood there… still upset & pounding adrenalin, I guess.
I leant into his shoulder & just breathed with him, telling him ‘it’s all OK now Brandy, your free.’
Then, something so beautiful happened, I am still quite emotional…
he turned his head round & tucked his nose under my armpit, against my chest & sighed… a very deep sigh. We stayed like that for a minute or so, then I very softly asked him to take a step backwards, so that he could really feel that the wires were gone. Then I left him alone to recover his composure.

The WRs have helped me so much… 6 months ago I would not have had the faith in my own abilities with horses to try something like this, with any horse… let alone this ‘mountain’ of terrified horse!
So, thank you Carolyn, from my heart to yours…
Your greatest lessons for me are faith & trust, if we can achieve these 2 things, then all things are possible.

Much love & whinneys, :kiss:

The greatness of a nation & its moral progress may be judged by how its animals are treated.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:45 pm 
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i had read it already on the blog, so good!! that's what you are working for! well done :applause:

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