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 Post subject: Re: Being in the Moment
PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2009 8:34 pm 
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Leigh wrote:

And Eileen, thanks so much for the pointer to "Urban Shaman" -- will need to track this down. I have recently become completely obsessed with Scythian culture, which was a shamanic culture (along with being a horse culture) -- this would be an interesting different step sideways into shamanic thinking... thank you!

That sounds really interesting, I would love to hear more.

I have been listening to a tape 'The Tao of Leadership' based on the laws laid down by the Chinese sage Lao Tzu. A very interesting theory and I am very curious to see if this could be applied to the horse.

This stuck in my mind ' a good leader does not interfere with the growth of a member of the team or in my case the horse' I thought about this, Gouch is a young stallion who can at times get pushy and if this was part of the growth process then how would you deal with this and stay safe. I then realised that if you followed the other laws you would never get to that point it would be a case of redirecting his energy in a harmonious way for both of us.

Each day in the afternoon I put Gouch and SK in the stable for their food and then fetch the girls in. Some days Gouch is not ready to go in and I have to catch him using a head collar. I stand in the middle of the arena and wait for him to come to me then click and treat before putting the head collar on. Before putting him in the stable I do some training that involves lots of treats just to make it interesting for him. Today I was quite looking forward to our little training session and as Gouch came to me I clicked and treated. For the past week I have put him straight in the stable because i have felt washed out due to this virus. Today after I clicked him Gouch turned and walked into his stable, it was as though he had worked out what I wanted and in his own way was trying to help me. Nothing to do with training but Gouch being helpful that is what I would see as a growth process, the young horse who wants to live by the rules of his herd.


Listen! Or your tongue will make you deaf.

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 Post subject: Re: Being in the Moment
PostPosted: Tue Jan 06, 2009 1:48 am 

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WOW I have met my tribe here! I love this thread of Beingness. This is the human seeking evolution, looking here and there, waiting for the Big Click! : :cheers: And the Click is withing us. (or the pressure release, depending on your modality). It is all within us, this magical Unfolding. For those of us on this forum, we enter through the portal of Horse. (or Dog Karen!). It seems these species who have aligned with humanity carry a marvelous Dream for us, that we would (now my cat -is typing too++ oh how cute two plus signs!!! ) Or Leigh are they indeed the crucifiction! Feather, my cat goddess, is now looking deep in my eyes with her green Gems of knowing, and patting my arm. God I love animals!! All around us, the key to our emancipation from ego.

As I read this marvelous feminine seeking (oh how woman do that is a fascination for me!) filled with such humor and yeah-I-remember, I am laughing too. Now i'm looking down at my hand and as Feather leapt away, she left a droplet of blood forfeiting itself on my hand. My blood, not hers. And I remember thinking as I read all your posts that Surrender is the key, somehow. A word so maligned. As if the artist of surrender is lesser than, somehow. That they lose. What a misconception. When I surrender inside to Horse, to the feelings, to the joy, even to my thoughts, I am given content and matter for my life. It's new currency to us. How does it feel to love when I am wrong, and hence purchase one more "well it's not THAT" clue?

I also love Eckhart Tolle's work (I recently released a children's book I wrote entiled Mister Ego and the Bubble of Love, based on his teachings). He's a marvelous humble leader sweetly beckoning us to the everywhen he found water (yeah I love that word too but added the y for YOU and YOU and YOU, the Us that dream up the everwhen :). i am fathoming the beauty of his teaching of the Power of Now and it is the power to create a new earth.

Horses offered Theirself as allies a long time ago. They have a dream for us that has never faltered. I believe this. It's not always in their local selves, but always in their universal Self(ves). I have met that Horse Council in meditation and it has changed me forever. I am humbled at their great gift. When we lived so unconsciously they were our food and war machines, our slaves and commodities. Thank Source that we are awakening and listening to the whispered nickers of our higher cosmic selves. There is a mystical friendship awakening and my heart just overwhelms with joy and gratefulness at their steadfastness towards us...

The other thing that really hit me as I read all the posts was Imagination - whew what a great topic and maybe that could be its own thing too! In a holographic universe (yup) that is EVERthing! What we LOOK at moves from being a wave (thought) to a particle (object, experience). I know we were all told "it's just your imagination" but we are renewing that word! It si an image I'm bringing to the nation (people). Image-I-Nation! :) just a little word fun there. Everything is energy so if we learn to live from our heart and make our motion (emotion+energy) we will THINK with our horse!!! Oh happy day!!!

And I know there is a time delay here, where what is manifested for others to see is a shadowy rendition of the masterpiece we see in our dreams, but it's got to start somewhere. If you read about the morphic field (Sheldrake) and the fact that human consciousness absorbs from all its parts and is great than the sum of those parts, voila! Miracles in transforming the human interface with Horse (or Self for that matter). It has to start somehwere. Anything that exists was first a thought form, then it was thought long enough to manifest. Those of us here, no matter what it looks like on the outside with our horses, are holding the highest dream, the next best thing we think we can be with Horse, and that is not a small thing!!!

Dream on, beloved clan of the Horse!! I love your courage to be wrong, and I love your courage to be right!


 Post subject: Re: Being in the Moment
PostPosted: Wed Jan 07, 2009 10:24 pm 
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What a great topic!!!
As I just discoverd Eckart Tolle and just reading his buck "Now" this is very actual for me!

I don't have much to say myself but that it is very inspiring to read your thoughts and that I'm happy about all to those reading tips!

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 Post subject: Re: Being in the Moment
PostPosted: Wed Jan 07, 2009 11:23 pm 
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Today I've been thinking about communication between horses and humans... and the lack of it. Isn't communication meant to be a dialog? not two monologues as it has been? In the present moment you and in the present moment your horse - you listen - your horse listens - you respond- your horse responds. Of course both make mistakes -- but that's learning. Being awake and aware makes it a bit easier. yes?

I think AND does do a great job inviting dialog - :cheers:

This thread appears to be wandering toward chaos because we each have such different language about being present -- and what wisdom can be created from all this seemingly chaotic experience!! (better than international politics I think!)

 Post subject: Re: Being in the Moment
PostPosted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 12:21 am 
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What I adore about this forum is that we can speak of something as personal and varied as spiritualism and really enjoy the chaos that comes from everyone thinking so differently! I think it's a very beautiful chaos!

and what wisdom can be created from all this seemingly chaotic experience!

Isn't it delightful?? :yes:

"Ride reverently, as if each step is the axis on which the earth revolves"

 Post subject: Re: Being in the Moment
PostPosted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 1:19 am 
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Splendid stuff, you all!

And Mouschi -- I'm so there with you on dialogue!

One of my favorite books, that I use a lot in consulting, is a book called Bill Isaacs called "Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together."

One of my favorite lines -- dialogue is a conversation with a center and no sides.

And I right there with you, Karen, on the delight over the beautiful chaos...

...did you know that in most cultures world wide, chaos was what the world was birthed from? It is the heart and soul of creation.

Just too cool!


"Ours is the portal of hope. Come as you are." -- Rumi

 Post subject: Re: Being in the Moment
PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2009 1:22 am 

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I am loving this reading. How did I miss this topic? Thank you for bringing it back to the active pages. Brilliant. Keep expanding it, please.
.....And having read Leigh's article and wandered about her Imaginal Institute, I see how fascinating, fun, creative, loving and educational her gifted parents are. What Blessings you have in Jackie and Eugene. No wonder I enjoy your fabulous contributions, you have been parented by people who understand that education is about the seeking, enjoyment of the journey and individual meaning, which may vary with time, experience and myriad particles of circumstance, rather than what class or order the paper qualification and learning by rote.
This site is jam packed with people who think, ponder and have wonderful revelations of self discovery and manage to then relate everything back to their passion for horses.
So, thank you, AND members for this and many other enthralling topics.
Susie xx

Susie xx

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