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Working with the Horse's Initiative
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 Post subject: The philosophy of AND
PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2007 5:04 pm 
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The philosophy of the Art of Natural Dressage

Equus Universalis

The soul difference between AND and other training systems is that within AND we start from and work only with the horses' initiative.

This means that your horses is master of his own training.
In groundwork as well as in riding.

The horse decides what he is going to do and when he is going to do it and then you reward every initiative.

We never force or put pressure on the horse in our methods, for within AND the horse always gives the right anwers - whatever they might be.
We are perfectly happy with whatever the horse wants to offer and when a horse realises that he can show initiative in every which way he desires, high school movements for instance simply just come naturally within months, while in traditional training systems this can take many years, if ever at all.

As initiative of the horse is the key in AND, and the horse dictates his own training, this means that the horse shall start to explore his own boundaries and skills. He will find out how he can express himself and soon he will grow in to a very proud and happy individual.

In other words, he now has every chance of enhancing his personal skill and explore his talents to his fullest potential. The Renaissance people called being all the you can be and exploring your every skill, talent and boundaries; Homo Universalis

Within AND your horse is working to become: Equus Universalis.

Once you set foot on the AND path your horse will never seize to amaze you and you shall reach a relationship you perhaps never thought possible.

We view the horse as an highly intelligent, logical thinking and emotional being. And this way of training only enhances this believe every day.

As every training mostly springs from the horse’s mind, every training is very different. This means that a system can not really be applied, for you can never know what will come next nor can you really plan a training.
Therefore AND can not be regarded as a system, but more as a guideline filled with ours and others experiences to help you find your own path in AND and be inspired to go out there and have the most amazing fun with your horse.

Other trainers and training systems
It is our philosophy that every trainer or training system has to offer knowledge or tips that one can use for his own.
That is why we think that you should benefit from all trainings, trainers, books, DVD’s and forums that are out there and seem interesting to you.
The trick is to just take what you need and make it your own. And sometimes seeing things you do not agree with, help you to understand and underline the way you want to train and work with your horse.

AND can therefore best be viewed as a lifestyle rather then a way of training.

The guideline for AND is very simple in fact:
Stay true to yourself and you stay true to your horse

Stay true to your horse and you are true to AND

The AND founders,
Bianca, Miriam and Josepha

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