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Author:  Josepha [ Thu May 17, 2007 12:41 pm ]
Post subject:  The house Rules

Hi and Welcome dear Horse friend!

We want to make clear that the meaning of this forum is not to be against anything.

Simply said, this forum is open to everybody who is interested in the goal and views of the Art of Natural, bitless Dressage.
We want to express and share our lifestyle and training techniques with everybody who is interested or wants to travel along (somewhat) the same path.

The goal is to learn with and from each other about bitless dressage.
This forum is a place to find ideas and share.

This means that discussions about sport, bits etc. shall find no place here.
It is simply not relevant what we think of it.
What is relevant is how we, ourselves train and live with our horses, not how others do it.

All posts should ofcourse be based on mutual respect.

Everyone is free to place links to this forum if one wants an other to read, it is open to everyone.
But is is NOT allowed to quote and/or copy tekst, pictures, images or movies from this forum to any place outside of this forum! Only registered members can write posts and read diaries.

Have fun!

The AND moderators

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