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PostPosted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 8:05 am 

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Hi everyone,
I thought it was about time i said hello and introduced myself, oh and my monkeys....... aka my herd of ponies.
I was recommended this site by Jo after speaking to her on the phone and joined but i'v only just got round to saying hi although i have been reading through many posts.
Anyway on to the vip bit my monkeys, well where to begin i'v a small herd of 8, although 1 is out on loan. Firstly is Dance she is top dog and very good at her role of keeping all my boys in check she has no other mares in the herd so i hang out with her quite abit in the field just giving her a munch/luv, i read somewhere that lead mares like to have sometime out from being boss and since then i'v taken my role as stand in leader quite seriously ;) Once i'v given Dance a munch i then run off across the field with all the boys following at liberty we spook at butterflies, run up and down the hills and eventually flop on the floor out of breath.... well i do they usually stand by for the next game. All the time dance watches from under the tree i reckon if she could roll her eyes she would, as i dont think i'm quite upto lead mare material in her eyes, although on occasion she has joined in. Next is Dances 2nd in command Arrow his a 3 legged appy he does have 4 legs just he has muscle damage/wastage in one of his front shoulders which causes him to show up lame although not in any pain, he is sweet with a huge heart. When i got him he was lame and ever since have tried various routes to get him sound with no luck i'v come to the conclusion that its just the way he moves now although still open to new ideas to get him right. Next is Bird shes a sweet old girl right now shes horse sitting a broodmare for my boss and has done a wonderful job of calming the mum to be down, Bird dont see the point in much other than eating the only time i see her speed up to a trot is when i walk over with her feed bucket. Next would be my 4 ponies Dave, Jack, Jim and Sparkz apart from Jack they are all welshies i have a welsh A,B and C just need a D for a full house but think i'v enough ponies for now. With these i play circus, as when i first got into horses and was asked what route i would be taking ie showjumping, cross country etc i told them i would be running away to the circus, didnt go down to well but hey i'm not one for following tradition and from day one have luved problem horses and letting them just be. Most of mine were supposed problem horses Dance tried to kill her last owner and left wild for 2yrs, Sparkz learnt to attack you before you attacked him, Dave had never been handled etc etc.
Love these types. As for the circus bit, i have to add its nice circus training. I'v mainly played circus with Sparkz in just over a yr he has learnt smile, shake, to count, his left from right, box work, bow, lie down, sit up, blow his nose into a hanky, take my coat and more. His a lil superstar well in my eyes anyway. My other 3 ponies know a few tricks but i've mainly been teaching them liberty and now finding here have a whole lot more to learn with them.
I'v just noticed the time and have to go i will hopefully post some piccies later and set up a diary page.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 8:42 am 
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Welcome, Em!! :)

Your monkeys sound absolutely delightful and I am looking forward to reading more - and maybe seeing some pictures of them. :smile:

Warm Regards,

PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 6:55 am 
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Em, my apologies for such a belated response!

But a heartfelt welcome to you -- I hope to hear lots more about you and your monkey ponies... (I think I've got one of those, too! A Haflinger monkey!)
:funny: :funny: :funny:

All the very best,

"Ours is the portal of hope. Come as you are." -- Rumi

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