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meeting in the UK
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Author:  inge [ Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: meeting in the UK

PiePony wrote:
Ledbury is 12 miles from me, it is where Daniel's last foal, now a 2 year old lives with my friend Sue.
I thought there were children with you in photo's of 4x4 last year, and I thought they were yours.

that were the kids of our friends :-) My kids are all animals we have ;)

Black Mountains and Brecons I am familiar with, and Elan Valley. My childhood holidays were spent mid to north Walses near the Clwydog dam, actually before it was built and there was a resevoir.

Then you have had a great time then, so beautyfull seenery

I expect the Tourist Boards would be interested in some of your pictures. You own copyright of your photographs, magazines pay for using one time only, so the same photo can be sold over a period of time to several magazines.
My own photo's are not of high grade many pixels and would look grainy on photo paper.
This is just one website who offer photo's for sale, but you could do this direct through your own website.
I do not know how you cover some of the picture with C for copyrighted or Specimen, but it is probably on a computer photo editing programme.
Really Inge, your photo's are good, they may pay for some or all of your holiday. xx

Thank you :blush: haha pay me for my pics??? hmmm...have to think about that ;) it is just hobby

Europeans must be all the same on the Continent! :kiss: :funny:

i wrote this with a big smile dont forget that. And maybe you are right to. We have the province Friesland, you know with their own language, they are a bit the same as the welsh only in language not with the rest i beleive, when there is for example soccer then they are for the Netherlands. But most of the big Iceskate people come from this part of the Netherlands. They have two languages on the village names signs.

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