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PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2009 11:00 pm 
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I have copied a poem I wrote 20+ years ago about pure experience in nature -- it's a bit long - I think it's chock full of mirroring - but perhaps in a more mythic way -- ( I hesitate showing this to others because a literal minded reader gets mad at me and says - " but Karen it doesn't make sense" I think you might have an idea about it's 'isness meaning' -- for me it's simply a paean to growing up along a river. Lil ol pagan child that i was/am :)

Late afternoon at the River

Ducks, leaning
upward chasing
fragments – longing hero
feeds hungry ducks
forgetting that mud
trust holds –
sun warms backs
and feathers-
ducks paddle – bite-
Giggle when you see
a feather float in the
air past your nose –
eagle bearings shoulder
rough weather
lazy warmth is solitude
forgetful unmeaning
to reign alone-
someone speaks to
warn blossoming hedges-
for three years have
suffered cold and stiffness
wind leads sun follows-
swans in warmth-
leaves crush in duck’s
bill under water
too cold to blend-
air shines when sun
leaves- behind the
shadows in full armor
lies the cold – but
if ducks say more
it is because they
survive, like geese,
in inner tube floats
and orange paddles.
limb by limb whispered
to small birds carried
winking ever slightly
at the moon….
day is blemished
But morning will be
reborn in perfection
rolling languidly
toward the shores
where beacons nestle
in stillness – never
thought of – never – but
yes – always needed – forgotten.
crows know to settle
in and quit the chase
their creased shadows
falling into naked
trees for the winter-
pressing is the season
‘possums forage and leave,
the gritty dirt untouched.
if cats prowl they are
lazy and know protection
milk powers the pale enigma-
corn shuttled across the
water by a hand leaves
shuffled sludge at the
bottom of a river –
channeled instead
to empty bills.

Cry then some – for
cold and dark
are strengthening
sleep and straighten views
cold is honesty frozen clear
I will widen paths
and blow the dust away
cleaning is my specialty
this day is quiet – warm
but not in company
Other guests will arrive
soon with furs and fire
I must prepare for them
much to do before the
cold leaves much to
prepare – dinners-
energy – my cordial –
dinner is not ready
to be served – an
appetizer you are enjoying-
be brief now and finish
do we sacrifice every
day enough? Is it
toughened – stringy –
saving the best?
is it of any use:
the offerings become
being of character –
steaming chants fall
clumsied by the arc
that rose and fell long since-
dervish is only a word
one tree, one bird but
one man and it is burdened –
it is all here patron and priest
however bound they are
the fruit could have
been harvested years ago
left to spoil- moons ago
you began to starve and didn’t know-
Wasted barren.

And the goose flies
the river snores and crackles
straight trunks: they are holding-
soft measures of radiance
star in brief tales
follow the plot with your
eyes if you are able
the audience whistles
the actors recede realizing
the play didn’t work
to their advantage/ they’ll try again.

Ducks will learn to beg
the army is advancing
can’t find an enemy
hills flatter the wind
but horses capture
all its attention
always will
these belong to a time
time is slighted
hurried past the harbor
not allowed to
unshoulder merchandise
duty-free- not allowed
to give up his burden
the sea sparks
interrogating shorelines
neatly girdled-
they will not to answer –


PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, 2009 10:57 pm 
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You really described the ducks very well! I could see them sitting next to their pond, ruffling through their feathers. :)

It might just be me as I just love to look at waterfowl, but your poem captured what I feel when watching them just be wonderfully.



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PostPosted: Sun Feb 01, 2009 6:33 am 

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Very cool, we have a couple of ducks, I love watching them, looks to an old-fashioned but very non-traditional Christian gal like God was speaking about his creation to you. :)

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