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Videos of Romantic and Marie
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Author:  Littlefairy [ Thu Nov 13, 2008 9:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Videos of Romantic and Marie


Actually, for the moment I don't do much with Romantic but I have a video of us walking and trotting with cordeo. It is not a lot and it is not well filmed :tongue: But I put some music with. :roll:

Don't hesitate to tell what you think. I'm here to learn.

Warm regards,

Author:  Kirsti [ Fri Nov 14, 2008 9:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Romantic with his cordeo

I am not the one educated to tell anything about the dressage-thing - but I think Romantic is running soooo nice beside you... And that is kind of the most importatn - you two together... ;)

But I guess other people have much more interesting answers than I have..... :friends: 27 27 27 27

Author:  Morgan [ Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Romantic with his cordeo

Wow Marie...that was so fantastic. I think maybe you do have the sweetest horse after all!!!!
I think you are doing really well and I love the fact that you are using your body to make it easy for Romantic to understand and he does brilliantly.
He is really mirroring you perfectly and loving it too. It's encouraging to see that he is stopping well without you having to use the cordeo which is also excellent. And the cordeo is lovely...did you make it?
Now I'm inspired.....(I haven't used the cordeo much at all, preferring to do this at liberty....I suspect because I am too lazy!!!)

Author:  Littlefairy [ Mon Nov 17, 2008 9:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Romantic with his cordeo

Thank you very much Kirsti. :D

Annette, you cannot even imagine how your words touched me. It is the first time someone tell me something like that. :blush: I'm almost upset! lol but in the good way, don't worry!

I have put this video in the NHE school forum: they told it was not good because I was not holding the cordeo... Only Isabelle told me she loved it.

And in the maksida academia and she told that it was not good because I used the cordeo and in her school we can't.

And nothing else!!

I'm glad I'm not in there anymore... I was beginning to think all our work was not good enough.

SO I'm glad that you speak with your heart and not because of rules!
You made my day! I will tell Romantic he is a good boy! :D That's a really big smile! I like the new emoticons Romy found! :clap:

About the cordeo, I made it with 3 little cords, and a old woman helped me to finish well, you know to be the perfect cordeo! ;)

I'm lazy too!! It is funny you say that, I tell it to myself often too!

I'm following your diary, I'm looking forward to watch one of your video!

With Love,

Author:  Romy [ Mon Nov 17, 2008 9:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Romantic with his cordeo

Littlefairy wrote:
I like the new emoticons Romy found! :clap:

Oh, I think we have to thank Bianca for the emoticons. :smile:

They told you that the video was bad because of the cordeo in Maksida´s forum? :ieks: :huh: That´s a pity, I really hoped that they would develop a more open and positive-reinforcement-like style over there, just as they had planned to do. I don´t use a cordeo for our groundwork myself, but I kind of admire those who can deal with a cordeo... I think I would lose all my body language if I had to hold it all the time. ;)

Very nice video! And yes, I also think it´s inspiring - I like your mixture of using and not using the cordeo, just as it fits into the situation at any given moment. :)

Author:  Morgan [ Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Romantic with his cordeo

It took me a very very long time to realise that what matters to me is what I think and feel, not what other people think! So you go girl......and remember people that criticise and are negative usually have their own issues to deal with!

Have fun with Romantic and enjoy the special relationship you two have.
Looking forward to hearing more......

P.S I am glad I am not one of the chosen few, I quite enjoy being average!!!!!!!!

Author:  Morgan [ Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Romantic with his cordeo

P.P.S It has taken me over a year to get a photo of the two of us....but my hubby has promised to come and take a video over the holidays when work breaks maybe......

Author:  Brenda [ Thu Nov 20, 2008 5:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Romantic with his cordeo

Hi Marie!

Thanks for sharing your video!

Very nice, I like how your horse follows and mimics! I saw a few times that your horse was lifting his front end a bit, sort of a hop, that looked like it might have been the start of canter??? Anyway, I would mark/click and reinforce that as it could be the start of many new things down the road! Just a thought....

When I started Chase the Tiger with Lucy (big heavy horse!), I decided I would click/treat any time she even thought of lifting her front end, hops or jumps, etc. and in hindsight I think that was a good thing as ir helped her learn to use her rear better!

More videos! We love them here!


Author:  Glen Grobler [ Mon Nov 24, 2008 6:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Romantic with his cordeo

Gosh, you're so soft together!

I think it's very cool that you don't NEED to hang on to that cordeo! It just shows how much he is willing to work with you, and I think it's much more impressive that he responds to YOU instead of responding to a cordeo!

Pffft! It's harder without anything on the horse anyway! Well done! You are setting an example for all of us!

Author:  Littlefairy [ Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Romantic' Backward from behind and crab walk

This is a video from Today of Romantic doing Crab walk :green: and backward from the behind!

The link:

He is funny, because when at the end, I just brush him to remove the mud, he does some backwards! He is funny.

The moment I prefer on the video, is at the 2min30, when he doesn't do well, I just move my hand and he does well. I'm amazed of his reaction time.

Warm Regards,

Author:  Karen [ Thu Dec 04, 2008 12:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Romantic' Backward from behind and crab walk

Oh what a lovely video...misty and lovely! He really DOES react fast at that moment!


Author:  Littlefairy [ Thu Dec 04, 2008 9:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Romantic' Backward from behind and crab walk

Thank you Karen! :smile:

I like this moment , but I don't know if you saw but he doesn't stop well for the backward. He continues a little, So push me. I think that I have to improve that. Thank you for your comment!

Warm regards,

Author:  Josepha [ Thu Dec 04, 2008 4:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Romantic' Backward from behind and crab walk

wow so cute! Excellent you two!

ha ha ! crab movement! I never thought of it this way... :clap:

Author:  Karen [ Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Romantic' Backward from behind and crab walk

Tam also would run me over like a steam roller if I didn't step to one side. So I did just as you are doing. I put my hands out, move back with him and scratch his itchy spots. It has taken months, but he is not stopping as soon as I touch him with my hands. If my back were turned, he might still bump into me, but he's much more aware now (or has a reason to stop before his head reaches me). Before, since it is the other end that received the "treat" he felt he had to keep backing until his head was even with me. So I had to step aside and let him back up past me until he was in a position to get a treat. But the scratches helped with it.

I think he still prefers a cookie to a butt scratch, but it's helped a great deal.

Author:  Littlefairy [ Fri Dec 05, 2008 8:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Romantic' Backward from behind and crab walk

Thank you Josepha! :)
How do you call crab movement? I have some friends who call it aspiration lateral movement. So complicated: ;) And at the moment at universtity I study Crab! So... I'm inspired! :D

Dear Karen, thank you for the explanation. I think I need time too. Two lessons in one month is not a lot... And if it takes few months I have time!
Thank you :kiss:

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