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PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 9:43 pm 
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A few months ago we were discussing ways to make videos reflecting the AND philosophy especially well more easy to find. We decided to make a sticky where everyone can add videos that have been posted here in the forum, together with a short explanation of what he likes about that video. I am starting this now and will continue later. Please add your favourites, too! :)

I will sort the video links into different categories to keep some sort of order, but of course they are not mutually exclusive - if a video is placed under "Movement and exercises", this does not mean that the relationship part is not fantastic as well.

As one of the purposes of this thread is to make it easier for newcomers to understand how AND people are working, please only post videos from this forum. If there is need for a collection of inspiring videos outside AND, we can make a new thread for that.

This thread is meant to become a collection of links. If you want to discuss the videos, please do so in the topics where they were posted (or if you can't find them, I will move the discussions there later).

Unfortunately my memory for videos does not work nearly as well as my memory for what has been written in which thread, so there are many great videos which I did not post because I simply forgot. But I will try to check some of the old video threads again as soon as I have some more time, and then hopefully add more to this topic.

Relationship and ways of interacting

One of my biggest inspirations: Playing with muddy Evita
What I love most about Bianca's way of playing with her horses is that she goes almost completely with what they offer and they are having so much fun. I have never before seen a pressureless interaction getting the same level of high energy stuff from horses.

Another great example of playing wild games: Zoe and BJ

Els to me is very inspirational in her softness of asking things from a horse and, when she is working with a new horse or doing new things, carefully and slowly experimenting with how her moves and actions influence the horse and then going with that: Els starting Geronimo

And another Geronimo with his Anat. It's just so nice to see them working so focused and at the same time being so calm and nondemanding and happy together. I just feel that all their videos are radiating with love, such a pleasure to watch.

Nora and Pia, climbing walls together. One of the things I love most about Nora's way of interacting with Pia is that she is not just trying to get the pony to do things but instead she is playing it with her, like you would also play with a friend.

Two videos, one from Jocelyne and one from Josepha, which in my opinion illustrate the same point very nicely: rewarding wholeheartedly.
Josepha, Owen and the pedestal
Jocelyne and Magik
In many videos the rewards are handed out to the horses like a sort of payment - as if the fact that there is a foodreward made it unnecessary to show the horse how great he was, whereas in the reactions of J & J it is so obvious that they are very happy about what their horses do. Another wonderful thing in both videos is that J & J are really asking things instead of trying to make their horses do them.

Body language communication

Jocelyne and Corado learning how to ask the horse to move away from her by using body language (hip cues).

Lena and Pan paying attention to body language. Lena has been training with me for a few weeks now and what we are trying to do is getting Pan to focus on Lena's movements on a more fine-grained level, instead of reeling off pre-determined exercise programs.

Volker and Nepomuk experimenting with body language. What I like most in this video is how it doesn't attempt to show a certain result but a person and a horse trying to figure out each other's (body) language in a learning environment where experimenting is actively encouraged. The same goes for the videos of Miriam and Speedy.

Anna and Mucki experimenting with energy variations while moving together. They are showing that you cannot just affect the direction or gait with your body language but also all kinds of other parameter's in a horse's movement, such as his exuberance and forwards versus upwards focus.

Movement and exercises

A beautiful video from Karen which shows that training in this way does not only result in happy horses doing funny tricks but that you can also get great results in terms of the horse's movement: Tamarack circling at liberty

Blacky and Sjors at work and Miriam and Speedy working on the Piaffe.


Two videos showing the very beginning of the journey as a riding horse:
Tamarack's first ride
Mucki's first ride

Other activities

Of course there are other things than training in the arena which might be improved by an interaction that builds cooperation and trust between horse and human. Here are some examples of what AND members do with their horses when they are not explicitly training with their horses.

Erika and her 3 horses going for a walk in the forest
Brenda, Lucy and Jack in the snow
Some impressions from the interaction between our children and horses during the holiday camp 2011 and 2013

...and some of my favourite video threads

Brenda, Lucy and Jack
Tamarack's videos
Nepomuk in motion!
Poppy, Marlee, Bear and Baby Jay

And lastly, here is my own channel, showing some work with my equine and human friends.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, 2010 7:13 am 

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Beautyfull :applause:
But oh may...
I just love the last two clips.
Like... walking with 3 horses... i really would like to do that. I mean... since a con not ride my horse right now, i take her for a walk if my husband rides his horse, but sometimes she can get tense and i need my attention there... I wouldn't know how to deal with two horses in that situation (and less wtih 3)
Well... i probelly have to train a lot more and learn to be the save leader for them. Maybe practising when my man is arround.
Would be great taking them for a walk during the week, if my husband has no time.

Walking like in the last clip... that would even be more great.
I did do that with my pony, but i don't think it would work out with my new horse and silja..
well.. maybe sometime in the future.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 6:29 pm 
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Thank you Romy!!! Great to see those clips!!! :applause:


PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2013 9:35 am 
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Wow Romy, your channel is fantastic! Pia's coffee drinking tricks have literally got me crying in laughter... AND I'm going to have to make myself a coffee after that!

Really enjoying everybody else's clips too - I still have loads more to watch!

PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2015 10:11 pm 
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I can't believe I only found this thread now - months after registering at this forum :funny:
Such a nice idea to make a collection of AND clips, and I didn't even know that there's an AND Youtube channel! :applause:

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